Review: “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard

Title: Red Queen

Author: Victoria Aveyard

Publisher: Harper Teen/ Orion

Publication Date: February 10 2015

This is my first post and review on my blog. I hope that you enjoy it. Red Queen is one of my favorite books of all time and it is just normal that it will be my first review on this blog! I absolutely adored this book no matter what people say.

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In this book, the society is divided by two kind of people. The red and the silver bloods. The reds are the poor ones who actually work for the silvers and the silvers are the rich and fancy ones who run the government. Not only are the silvers rich, they also have super abilities. For example, some can control fire or minds.

So, Mare Barrow is the protagonist. She is a seventeen year old girl who live in poverty which means that she is a red blood. She never liked the silvers because she knows that they are arrogant and that they would do anything for power and honor. However, Mare finds herself working in the silver palace and while she was working, she discovers that she has the power to control and create lightening. Since the reds are not supposed to have super powers, the king decides to tell everyone that Mare is the lost daughter of a silver king who died years ago. She even gets engaged with the youngest prince. She has to maintain the image of the lost silver princess or else she might lose her life. Even knowing that she is putting her life at risk, she decides to join the Scarlet Guard which is a group of reds who wants to bring down the silvers because they want equality.

But as the story goes, Mare finds herself in situations she never expected herself in before…

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*****4.5 stars

What I liked: (some spoilers)

First of all, I just want to tell you guys that I love this cover. This cover is so amazingly good and that’s not all, it is also shiny!! I mean who doesn’t like shiny covers. The person who did this is infinitely talented.

Some people say that it is a lot too similar to The Selection series, The Hunger Games or The Red Rising series, but I think that Red Queen is absolutely unique. I mean, I have to admit that some of the aspects are the same, but when you look at the story as a whole, it is an amazingly unique story.

I think the main reason why I liked this book is for the characters in it. Mare is a strong female leader who knows what she wants and fight to get it. She is one of the best female character I ever read about. I loved the way that she doesn’t let love blind her. I also really liked Cal, Maven, Lucas and Julian.

Usually when there is a love triangle in a book, I find myself getting bored, but not this one. The love triangle in “Red Queen” was a good love triangle because it wasn’t the main concept of the book. Even if there was a love triangle (even square sometimes), there was a lot of other stuff going on like the rebellion, so it did not really bother me.

I also liked the way Victoria wrote the story. It was easy to understand what was happening. Usually I get confused at the action parts, but not this time and I personally think that Victoria did an amazing job. It was a quick read for me, I finished the book in a single day.

What I did not like:

As you may have notice even if I loved the book, I did not give it a 5 star and there is only one reason why. The only thing that I didn’t like is that there are still a lot of things that are very confusing like for example, the war that is happening. I think that Victoria should have written more about that. I just hope that in the second book all of the mystery will be solved.

The end!!!: (spoilers!!)

Ok, I had to put a section on my review to just express what I am feeling right now. I finished the book a week ago and I am still under shock. The reason that this book is one of my favorites is that it made me feel so many feelings. I mean, wow…you know when you have to put down the book to just breathe because you might explode of feelings. Well, it happened to me quite a lot with this book. I am still mind blown. Honestly, I sobbed when I realized what was happening. The betrayal!! I really didn’t expect it and usually I see the plot twist coming, but I didn’t for this one. It really surprised me and I felt so stupid afterwards. I trusted Maven and I still feel so betrayed.  I should have seen it though, Maven was way too perfect and who turns their back to the society they grew in, huh??? NOBODY!!! I should have seen the plot twist!!! AAAHH, I was so blinded by love.

I really have a complicated relationship with this book. I love it, but I also want to throw it on the wall (though I did not, I would never). It made me laugh and I loved every bit of it, but it also crushed me. Just thinking about it….sigh. A

Team Cal or Maven??

A lot of people asked me if I was on team Cal or Maven and I have to say that I really love both of them, but I have to choose Cal. He lost everything that mattered to him and he still had the courage to fight back and even protect Mare. I mean, that is true bravery and I admire that so much! Before the betrayal, I have to admit that Maven was my favorite because come on, he was so sweet and I shipped him and Mare so much!!! Apparently, Victoria did not want them to be together…sigh
I felt so betrayed!!! But there are a lot of people saying that Mare is going to end up with Maven and I just don’t see how that could happen…Either way, I would be happy if she ended up with any of them. I am just so excited for the second book to come out!

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