Review: “Falling Kingdoms” by Morgan Rhodes

Title: Falling kingdoms

Author: Morgan Rhodes

Publisher: Penguin Young Readers Group

Publication date: December 11, 2012

This is the first book of the Falling Kingdoms series which contains six books in total. Ok so  finished the book about a few hours ago and I just had to write a review to get my feelings out because…AAH!! Morgan Rhodes is messing with my feelings!!!! So as usual I will start my review with a plot section, but it won’t be long. Then, I will just tell you guys what I think so that I can finally move on…I hope.

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The story is about a land named Mystica where magic have been forgotten and where three kingdoms lived in peace for centuries. So basically, the land is divided by three kingdoms; Auranos, Limeros and Paelsia. The story is from the perspective of different characters in the book from different kingdoms.

Auranos is the southern kingdom of Mystica. It is the richest of the three kingdoms and it is extremely beautiful compared to the others. The king of Auranos is King Corvin Bellos who has two daughters; Cleo and Emilia. The heir is Emilia and she is ill. So her sister decides to go to Paelsia to try to find a cure to save her sister.

Limeros is the northern kingdom of Mystica and it is extremely cold there. The king of Limeros is King Gaius who has a son and a daughter; Magnus and Lucia. The king is a horrible person who likes to rule his people with fear. As Magnus tries to earn his father’s respect, Lucia discovers a secret of hers that will change everything.

Paelsia is the middle kingdom. The land is poor and the people who live there are starving and barely survive winters. They have a chief to whom they pray to.

For centuries now, there was peace, but that is about to change…

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****4.5 stars

Wow ok so first of all, I have to say that I did not expect that. This book…wow…this book surprised me a lot in different ways. I have to say that I did not expect anything that happened. The only thing that I saw coming was that King Gaius would betray the chief, but everything else….nope, did not see it coming. I am still not over it…so many deaths. When I finished it, I was staring at the closed book and started screaming “WHY??”. When I first picked up this book, it was because I just wanted to read a book that I thought would be fun and relaxing…Guess I was wrong. There are still some stuffs in the book that I am not over with yet.

When I got excited about the book:

At first, I was not really into the book, but boy, that changed! The moment I really got into it was when King Gaius killed Tobias. His son! I was so startled, I mean, he killed his unofficial son, but it is still his son. At that moment, I was like ok yeah that man can do anything for power and at the end he is going to betray the chief. So, it did not shock me when he killed him. What shocked me about this scene is that he made Magnus saw what he was capable of. He wants everyone to know that he would do anything for power even his son. I despise the king of Limeros (who likes him anyway).

Things that made me or made me want to cry:

The thing that made me cry the more is when Theon died. Why did he have to die?!? It wasn’t that important to the plot, was it? He could have survived and protect Cleo!!! Now she is all alone….sigh… He was my favorite character and now he is dead. That shocked me so much because I knew that there were more books to come and I thought that Cleo’s and Theon’s love would only grew stronger. I guess I was wrong, again. I am still not okay with this death.

Another death that I cried over was Emilia’s death! I was a little bit angry at Cleo. When she saw the seeds, she did not go to her sister immediately. And by the time she got there, Emilia was already dead! URG…ok i have to calm down. Then there is the king’s death (King Corvin). The thing is I did not cry, but I felt so bad for Cleo. She lost her lover, her sister and her father in the same week. I mean, give the girl a break! I am so infinitely sorry for her and thing is that I feel her pain because I loved those characters too! Even though she lost very important people to her, I like the fact that she kept her head high and stayed strong. You go girl!

Characters I did not like:

I did not like Magnus because he was just getting under my skin during all the book. Who the hell falls in love with his sister?! Ok, fine Lucia isn’t his real sister, but he did not know that before…I mean that is just gross. Another reason I don’t like him is THAT HE KILLED THEON!!! At that moment, I knew that I did not like him which disturbs me because a lot of people seem to like him. Maybe in the next book, we’ll see. And I also don’t like his father like I said. I also hated the chief, he watched his people live in fear and hunger and all he did is…actually he did not do anything at all. *selfish* He just made me sick and I like the fact that Jonas realized that at the end. I also did not like Aron!!! He was just a drunk asshole! Just….ugh…I pictured him as a gross kind of person. Gross in the inside and on the outside.

Things I liked:

I liked the fact that the book was written from a lot of different perspectives because we could see what was happening in each kingdom and judge by ourselves on what team we are in. It also kind of confused me at first because the names were all mixing up in my head, but then it got better when I started to really get into the story.

I loved Nic ❤  I don’t want hi to be with Cleo because they are just not right for each other in my opinion, but I still love him. He made me laugh so many times. I laughed out loud when Cleo was trying to escape from Theon to see Aron. I found it so funny. This book made me laugh and cry and at the end, I didn’t even know what to feel. I was crying and laughing at the same time.

The writing was very easy to understand. I understood every aspect of Mystica. Usually, when an author creates a new fantasy world, it is hard to fully understand the world, but this time, I could exactly picture what Morgan was explaining. The legends and all.

What I think will happen in the second book:

I am not very sure what will happen because this book never was what I expected, but I do feel like some new things are going to happen in the second book. I think that Jonas and Cleo will be a thing now since Theon is dead. I don’t know for sure, but I have this feeling that they are going to fall in love with each other…we’ll see.


I am definitely going to read the second book. I am in love with this world. I can’t wait to see what happens now that everything is in chaos. I also want to see how powerful Lucia’s powers are. I have a feeling that is so much stronger than she let on in the first book.Currently reading (3)


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