My favorites of 2015 <3

So I know I’m a little late to do this post, but better late than never, right? Sorry I couldn’t do it before, I just did not know which books to put in my “favorites of 2015” list, but now that I thought about it, I think I have a pretty strong list with me.

So first of all, I have to say that 2015 has been a good reading year. My goal was to read at least 45 books and I ended up reading 73. Although there was some times where I just couldn’t read anymore (summer vacation) because I just couldn’t get lost into a book anymore. But luckily, I got over it!! I seriously don’t know what I’ll do without reading. It was like my life didn’t make any sense anymore and I felt empty inside. I’m just glad that I am over it.

So I will start my list right now!!! This list is in no particular number.

1. I’ll give you the sun

I’ll give you the sun by Jandy Nelson is one of my favorites of not only 2015, but it is a book that I will definitely reread again and again because it is just amazing. If you want to see my full review on the book, here it is: Review: “I’ll give you the sun” by Jandy Nelson


2. All the bright places

All the bright places by Jennifer Niven. Ok I know this book has received a lot of different reviews…some people love it and some people don’t. I am part of the people who loved it!! Some might say that it is depressing and all, but when I read it, I wasn’t depressed or anything (it was more after I finished it 😉 ). Thing is I was really into it and I really thought that it was so beautiful; the characters, the plot and most of all the love in it. Maybe someday, I’ll do a review on it because it was the first book that I cried over during a whole week or two. It still has a special place in my heart.

3. Two way street

Two way street by Lauren Barnholdt. The reason why I chose this book to be part of my list is that it was the most enjoyable and fresh book that I read this year. Although it has been released a few years ago, it is only this year that I read it and I really loved it. It was so fun to read!

4. Frostfire

Frostfire by Amanda Hocking. I actually read this book for two reasons; first reason is that I really liked the cover (yes, I often judge a book by its cover, but don’t we all?) and the second reason is that two years ago, I read the other series that this author wrote and I loved it so I was like why not read this series. I read it quickly and I instantly fell in love with it; the characters are so strong and I just wish to be like them. I think that I finished the whole series in two weeks. I really got into this world.

5. To kill a mockingbird

To kill a mockingbird by Harper Lee. This book…wow. This book has been on my “to-read” shelf for a long time and finally last year, I read it!! This book changed the way I see things. I just love this book so much for many different reasons; the symbolism in it is incredible, Harper Lee is a genius. I instantly fell in love with the characters; it is like they are actually part of my family and that I saw them grow up. I could see the characters like Jem and Scout becoming more and more aware of what was happening around them and thus I saw them grow up and be able to have their own judgment. How the story was told was amazingly good!! This book also holds a special place in my heart.

7. Red Queen

Red queen by Victoria Aveyard. As soon as I read the plot, I instantly knew that this book was meant to be one of my favorites. I just love it and it made me feel so many emotions that I thought I might explode. See my full review here: Review: “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard

8. P.s. I still love you

P.s. I still love you by Jenny Han. Jenny Han is a wonderful writer; she always make me ask for more! I just loved her book so much and the characters; OMG! I loved them! I really liked Lara Jean and I certainly love Peter ❤ It is definitely a book that I will reread quite a lot of times.

9. The improbable theory of Ana and Zak

The improbable theory of Ana and Zak by Brian Katcher. So this book is so….how can I say it…..amazing!! The story is so original and creative. Though I did not really like the main character at first, as the story went, I started liking her. Zak was just absolutely perfect ❤ So many many many things happened in this book that at the end I just stared at my book and said “wow”. Such a wonderful read!!

10. The Selection

The Selection by Kiera Cass. This is the kind of book that I finished at 3 in the morning without regretting it. The characters were amazing; I mean, I will like a book because of its characters, right? Loved the story, the characters and the writing was really good!! Maxon ❤

So this was my list; I hope you liked it. You can tell me in the comments below what were your favorite reads of 2015 🙂 I would be more than happy to know. Have a great day everybody!!


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