My feelings towards “The Ice People” by René Barjavel

This is not going to be like the normal reviews I do, this post is to just tell you about my feelings about this book because damn…it made me FEEL!!

Ok so I originally read this book in French because I had to read it for school. Although I did not like the book so much, I have to say that the love story in it is so…wow!

If you have not read the book, it is about a couple of people finding a naked boy and girl in a sort of golden egg in the earth in Antarctica. And they existed 900 000 years ago, but did not age because they were so frozen that they didn’t age. And the Scientifics wake the woman first and she tells us how the world was before. We discover this ancient society through the book with a helmet that is able to show us her memories. It is an invention of their time. And as she explains, she shows us how her life was with the love of her life and all. IT WAS SO CUTE!! ❤

Then afterwards she explains that the man is Coban and that he wanted to save humanity by freezing them for a certain time and then be able to reproduce later to continue the world…because there was going to be a war and he thought that everyone would die. Elea, the woman, hated him because he made her leave her lover.

Later, she has to give her blood to the man because he was dying, but she hated him so much. So while she was giving her blood, a scientific put a helmet where he could see the dreams of the man….after watching he realizes that the man is actually the love of Elea’s life because he took the place of Coban who was dead. When he removed the helmet to tell her that the man was her lover, he saw that she poisoned her blood and by doing so, she also poisoned her lover…and they both died!!!

At that part, I was sobbing. Tragedies like that really affect me in a kind of way that I can’t fully explain. It’s like someone stabbed you in the heart and then that person starts twisting and twisting. When I finished the book, all I could say was WHY? WHY? I mean couldn’t they get their happily ever after!! Is it too much to ask?!?

Like I said, I did not really like the book because some aspects of it confused me, but the only reason I kept going was the love story…It was absolutely amazing…the way she explains how they are to each other…*cries*….I was really touched by this.

Ok well I guess this is life…*sigh*.

P.s. my rating would be 3 stars

















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