Book Tag!!

Book Tag (1)

This is actually my first book tag and though nobody tagged me, I’m going to do it!! I’m so excited; ok so I came up with some questions that I’m going to answer and then I’ll tag 3-5 people to do it!

So here we start: (some questions might be familiar because they are the basics)


1. Do I have a certain place to read? Where is it?

Ok so this one is very easy; Yes, I have a specific place where I love to read which is my bed. But thing is that soon, I’ll buy a new sofa where I will put in my room so it will become where I will read!!


2. Do you eat or drink while reading?

I don’t eat while reading because I’m always scared that food will stain my books (this is a fear that is normal if you can’t eat properly like me), but I actually do drink while reading. I actually love to do it. Usually, I’ll drink a good hot chocolate, but anything hot will do 🙂


3. Do you read one book or several books at a time?

Right now, I’m reading one book at a time, but before I used to read a lot of books at a time. I have to admit that you can read a lot more books that way!


4. Do you write in books?

Oh God No!!! I never wrote in a book and I will never!! Though I can write on post-its that I will put in a book, but never actually write in it. It sounds abusive to write in them…


5. What was the worst movie adaptation of a book?

Honestly, I would say The maze runner series. I really loved the books, I actually finished the three books in a single week and I was so excited when I heard that a movie was coming out. I was very disappointed by the movie!! Not only the first one but the second movie was even worst than the first…I just can’t!


6. What is the book you’re the most embarrassed to have never read?

Ok so this one is hard because there is a lot of books that I did not read yet and that I’m ashamed of!! But I think I would choose The Percy Jackson series. Shame… But don’t worry, I’ll read it…someday.


7. Your ‘what the heck’ moment from a book.

Ok so I don’t want to spoil anyone by telling the moment, but I can tell the name of the book. To be honest, there are a lot of books that got me like what the heck, but I think the one that got to me the most is Red Queen by Victoria Aveyard. The plot twist got me like ‘Wait, what just happened? Nope that did not just happen’. If you want to see my review: Review: “Red Queen” by Victoria Aveyard


8. What is the one book you regret you read?

“Say what you will” by Cammie McGovern. This book was just so depressing for me!! It was a nice and cute love story and all, but I just got so frustrated at it so many times. The characters were just depressed and sick and I just couldn’t relate to them at all. I forced myself to finish it, but I just couldn’t get lost into the story.


9. Best strong female leader?

There are so much strong female characters that I love, but I think I’ll choose Mare Barrow from Red Queen or Celaena Sardothien from Throne of glass which are two of my favorite books!!! I just love these books for their very strong characters. You can check out my review on Throne of Glass: Review: “Throne of Glass” by Sarah J. Mass


10. Book that changed your life?

Ok so for this one question, I’m going to answer with the first book that popped in my head. And the book is…….All the Bright Places by Jennifer Niven. It was just so moving and it made me see life from a different perspective. I realized that some people are not comfortable in their own skin and Jennifer made me see how hard life can be and I just love this book for all the feelings it made me feel.



So here are my answers to my 10 questions!! Hope you enjoyed it!

People I tag:

Ashleigh from: A frolic through fiction

Felicia from: Fell For Books

Anna from: alittlebookworld

Cath from: Trust in the Words

I also tag everyone else who wants to do it!! 🙂


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