Curently reading- Cinder by Marissa Meyer


Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you what I’m reading for the moment and what I’ll may read next. So as you might know (because of the title of this post), I am currently reading Cinder by Marissa Meyer.

I honestly don’t know why it took me so long to actually start reading it. It was the cover that first intrigued me because come on this cover is gorgeous. It might be the best I have even seen!!!! Urg, I’m so frustrated  because I did not read it earlier. I guess everyone has flaws, mine is not being able to read book fast enough 😉

Ok so for now, I’m really enjoying myself and I just love the characters. They are so likeable!!!!  I cannot wait to see what happens! I’m not going to tell you guys a lot of my feelings now because this post is just to let you know what I’m reading now, but don’t worry, I’ll do a review as soon as possible. The only thing I’m going to say is that this book is a very interesting one and that I love the characters!!

What I might be reading next:

Ok so the next book I want to read is Legend by Marie Lu!!

Ok so I wanted to read that for not a long time, but the plot really intrigued me and I just want to read it. I read so many positive reviews on this and I can’t wait to be part of the fandom 😉 So I think I might read it next, but I’m not sure because my mood might change and I’ll maybe want to read another one. I know, I know, I read books because of my mood….am I the only one???

You can leave in the comments below what you think of those books or you can just write some recommendations for me; I’m always open.















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