Review on ‘Cinder’ by Marissa Meyer

Title: Cinder

Author: Marissa Meyer

Publisher: Macmillan Publishers

Publication date: January 3, 2012

Hey my dear readers !! Today I am going to talk about “Cinder”, which is written by Marissa Meyer. Ok if you have not read Cinder, you should! Because is really intriguing, very intriguing!! It is a very easy read and I would recommend it to anyone who loves YA fantasy. I read it in two days and I really liked it!!!

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Ok let’s start this review…. Ok so the book is about a girl, but not any girl; she is a cyborg and a gifted mechanic. Her name is Cinder and she is sixteen years old. The story actually takes place in the future and there are even androids!! The story takes place in New Being where a deadly plague ravages the population and guess what? Lunar people exist!! Lunars are people who live on the moon and they can control minds into doing something they want those people to do and they are all considered as evil and dangerous from earth. So Cinder doesn’t really know her past (before she became a cyborg) and the earth’s fate is depending on her! Then one day, she meets the gorgeous Prince Kai and she finds herself in a battle she never would have thought she could be in between duty and freedom, and loyalty and betrayal! There is something special about Cinder that a lot of people would kill for….

Again guys, if you didn’t read it yet, you have to. Ok now I’m going into a spoiler section so if you haven’t read it yet, don’t read my thoughts because I’m going to spoil you and I don’t want that!

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****4 stars

Ok wow this book was not what I expected it to be and that is both a good and bad thing. Let me explain:

The cover:

First of all, let’s talk about the cover! It is so gorgeous!! Like seriously, this is one of the best covers that I ever saw. And I have to admit that I picked up the book because of it’s cover. Ok so if you read some of my other reviews, you must have noticed that a book is most likely to be read by me if I love the cover! Ok so yeah I admit it, I like the covers, but there is a difference between judging a book by its cover and wanting to read a book because the cover is intriguing. I do not judge a book; I’m never going to say that a book is bad because the cover is bad, I have not read the book so I can’t judge it, but I will be more intrigued by the book if the cover is beautiful! We all do it sometimes!! Ok back to the book’s cover; I like the fact that there is like a red shoe that kind of represents the concept of Cinderella, but also have a unique touch about it because we can see that the foot is in metal. And the way “Cinder” is written on the cover is so amazingly fantastic!! Just love it!


The story:

Things I liked:

Ok like I said, I really like the concept that Marissa Meyer used. The fact that it is based on the famous princess story that every kid (and adult) love and dream about: Cinderella. The idea is just very original and unique even if it is based on another story. Even if there are some things that are familiar (the evil stepmother, the ball, the prince…), the story is just unique because Marissa added some aspects that are just so original that not everyone would think of. For example, I loved that the story was taking place in the future where there is a deadly disease, lunar people who want to dominate earth, cyborgs and androids. I would have never thought of that so when I heard that this book had all those things inside, I just had to read it.

I thought that the story was very refreshing like it reminded me of a summer breeze on the beach whenever I read it, which is kind of weird because there is a deadly disease in the book….and a queen who wants domination on earth….anyways, I don’t really know why, but I found it very fresh and light (in a good way). Maybe it’s because the way it was written and the picture that I have of this world…but I’m not sure.


Ok so the characters are so likeable and I really like the fact that Cinder is a cyborg. That way, we can see how cruel and hard life is to her, but even that, she fights for herself and is just incredibly talented and strong. I really really liked the doctor. He made me laugh so many times and I just really liked him.

Things that made me cry:

Ok so as you might have guessed if you read my other reviews, I am the emotional kind of reader. This book wasn’t very sad, but there is a special scene where I got very emotional and this scene is when Cinder goes to visit Peony while she was dying. I really liked Peony and I cried especially when Cinder told us that she loved her from the bottom of her heart and watched her die. I loved it when she refused to let the android to take Peony’s chip! I was like’ You go girl, don’t let them do that!” So yeah I did cry…

Things I didn’t like:

I didn’t like three things about the book:

First one: I was waiting for the action to come throughout the book and I only got it in the last 50 pages or so. I would have wanted more action, more confrontations and that kind of stuff….there was some action, but it wasn’t big or surprising at all. I just didn’t really get drawn into the book when there was any action so to me it was just a little too…not action-y? It wasn’t boring, but it wasn’t exciting either…it was somehow between the two.

Second thing: IT WAS WAY TOO PREDICTABLE!!!! I knew that Cinder was the lost lunar princess from the first time it was mentioned in the story. Cinder was telling us about how evil the lunar queen was and she said that the princess was never found and I just knew that she was the princess!! And the fact that she doesn’t know her past, just got me like “Wait, she just have to be the princess, she just have to be”. But the funny thing was that even though I knew what would happen, it still found it intriguing to see how Marissa would play it out and reveal the secret!! So it didn’t really bother me, but I would have liked to be as surprised as Cinder when she learned the truth.

Third thing: Ok so the third thing is the one that bothers me the most. I feel like I don’t really know the characters. Like for example, I like Prince Kai, but I am not in love with him. I think that I haven’t seen that much of him to really actually love him. So this is one of the reasons I am going to read the second book, I want to know more about the characters to be able to love them completely and just get lost in the book.



Ok so this is my review on ‘Cinder’. I hope you liked it and tell me what you thought of the book in the comment section below. I would love to read what you thought!!

P.s. I’m definitely going to read the next book!!

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  1. LOL, I also knew that she was the princess all along xD and also, just wanna tell you that you write a wrong titlle, author, publisher and publication date! Be thorough next time!

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