Books that just weren’t for me (part 1)

Hey book lovers! I hope that you are well. So, usually I don’t post something at this time of the day; here in Canada, it’s 8:oo a.m.. Before you ask me, Yes I have to go to school soon; like in 30 minutes. This is why this post isn’t going to be long, but this morning I just wanted to write something so now, I am going to present you the books that just wasn’t for me:

(This is my personal opinion if you liked those books, then that’s great!!)

The first one is:

Say what you will was horrible (for me). This book was so depressing and I just couldn’t do it anymore. I am so glad that I finished it. Actually, the only reason I finished it is because a friend made me. She found it very good….so I guess you guys could try because there is still hope for this book (apparently), but I personally didn’t like it. I believe I gave it 2 stars on goodreads!


The initiation and the captive from the secret circle series is on my me-not-like list!! What a surprise! I had a lot of friends who told me that this book was just plain boring and just bad, and like the book lover that I am, I wanted to give it a chance to judge it by myself. Worst mistake ever!! It’s actually a book on my shelf that I would be glad to get rid of!!! Not only the story was boring, but look at the cover! What is that supposed to be? Just no! I did not even finish the book!! I gave it 1 star because I just couldn’t do it!!


Matched just had to me on this list! Quite a lot of my friends told me that this book was amazing and at first it didn’t interest me but I got the book for my birthday so I decided to give it a try. SO BORING!!!! Nothing happened and I hated the main character!!! Just no! Maybe I would have liked it if I read it earlier when I really was into the dystopian world but no, not now! (Sorry if I hurt your feelings because I know a lot of you loved this book)


Well, guys I have to stop here because I have to go to school like in 5 minutes so bye! Don’t worry, I haven’t finish my list so I’ll get back to it when I come back! This post will be divided by two parts so you won’t miss anything!


Tell me what you thought about this post in the comment section below, I would be very happy to see your opinions. So what are the books that just weren’t for you?



3 thoughts on “Books that just weren’t for me (part 1)

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