Books that just weren’t for me (part 2)

Hey there book lovers! So like I promised earlier, I am going to finish my post on ” Books that just weren’t for me”. You can check out the first part of this post here:

The reason I wrote it in two parts is because I wrote the first one in the morning before going to school and I didn’t have time to write a very long post so I decided to continue it when I would get back home. And I am back home, which means that I’ll continue the post (duh! The title says so)

Here are the books that I didn’t like: (it’s personal guys, so if you liked the book; well that’s great for you. )

The house of night series ok so this one wasn’t actually bad when I first started it, but then another book came out and then another. I remember asking myself if this series would ever finish! This series lost my interest on book three (which is Chosen). The writing was not very good, the characters were not….they just didn’t a personality. I hated the main character and I thought that she was annoying and I just couldn’t do it! I have no shame to tell you guys that I didn’t even finish the series and I don’t plan to. I just gave up because it was for the best, I couldn’t do it anymore!

(yes! I know guys, I started using GIFs and it’s just amazing where the technology is right now)

Ok so the next book is:

All the rivers flow to the sea is one of the rare novels I did not finish. I usually read all the book even if they are bad because I tell myself that maybe it will get better, but this one was just getting on my nerves. I don’t know the exact source of my irritation, but I think it’s safe to say that it was everything about the book. I first picked it up because I thought that there was potential in the plot, I guess I was disappointed! I stopped reading it at like 130 pages of the book which were 130 pages of “What the hell is happening” (in the bad way). I didn’t like the character; she and I couldn’t relate at all. Just nope!!


The third book that made it on my list is: *drum roll*

The pearl by John Steinbeck. This book!!!! Was freaking boring! Nothing was happening except at the 20 last pages. The only reason I kept reading it was because it was for school!! Hated every bit of it!! I can honestly say that it is the worst book I have ever read! and trust me I have read some books that are terrible! The only thing that I liked about the book is that there was a lot of symbolism. But really this book was torture!


The next book is: *drum roll again, but in a more dramatic way*

Sorry in advance if I’ll hurt your feelings because like I said, this is my personal feelings. I know that a lot of people loved this book, but that wasn’t the case for me. The thing is that there was so much hype about it so I decided to judge it for myself. It wasn’t terrible, but it was nowhere great either. I thought that the plot had a lot of potential, but what Michael Grant did with it was just a waste (sorry Michael). There was something missing, the characters weren’t likeable and I can honestly say that I even hated them. Not only did I not like the plot, I don’t like the covers either. It’s not only for the first book but also in the other ones.

Look at that! What is that supposed to be? Ok so what it tells me about the plot is that there are teenagers who like to face the wind?? I just…can’t!!! A reason why I love books is because I can imagine the characters in my head; to picture them as I want and create my own world with a different setting even though millions of other people read the same book. I absolutely hate covers where there are people with wind in their face!! I want to imagine the characters so why the hell would you already put the characters on the cover?!? Ok I have to calm down now…..sorry to the person that did this cover, but it just wasn’t good. Good news is that they changed the covers and now it looks like this:

Not gorgeous, but this is a start.

The last book that made it into the list is: (though I hated other books, I think I should stop here for now)

The catcher in the rye by J.D Salinger. This book was probably the most annoying book I have ever read! Holden Caulfield is such an asshole and jerk and I hate him so much! I don’t understand why this book is called a “Masterpiece”. Sorry but I didn’t read the masterpiece part!!!! Nothing actually happens in the book; it’s all about Holden dealing with life. How is that intriguing or interesting or amazing?!? The kid is telling us that everyone is phony, but was I the only one who thought that he too was being phony and a jerk too. I couldn’t relate to him in any way! I seriously dislikes it; the beginning of the book is worse that the end though. The end wasn’t that bad, but it was not great either. I’m very happy I finished the book (in a not good way) and I am never going to read it again. Once was enough!!!

And that’s not all, I hated the author as well!! I did a little research on Mr. Salinger and saw what he did. Can I just say, GROSS!? I hated the main character and the author!!



So here is my ‘books that just weren’t for me’ list! Hope you like it and don’t forget to tell me your opinion on those books or what is on your ‘books that I didn’t like’ list.



5 thoughts on “Books that just weren’t for me (part 2)

  1. I’ve not read most of the books on this list. Gone just sounded like yet another YA dystopia and by the time it came round to it, I’d just lost interest. I’ve not read that Steinbeck, so I’ll take your word for it. And while I like Catcher in the Rye, I totally get why a lot of people don’t

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