The Inside Out Book Tag

InsideOut_D23_Lineup.pub16.1-610x391Hey my dear readers, today I’m going to do the Inside Out Book Tag. Although I haven’t been nominated, I saw a lot of people do it and it seemed fun so I’m doing it!! I really liked Inside Out so this book tag is going to be very interesting!!

So the movie is about 5 characters who represent emotions. For example joy, fear, sadness, disgust and anger. For the book tag, you’re supposed to choose a book that made you feel those emotions.


What book brought you joy?


This book brought me so much joy!! It was fresh and amazing. Couldn’t stop reading it!!



This book made me cry so hard!! I was so sad and I couldn’t even…the next day after reading it, I went to school with big puffy red eyes!



What book made you feel disgusted?


This book isn’t very “disgusting”, but there is a particular scene where I was freaked out. I can’t tell where because I don’t want to spoil anyone, but it just wasn’t very….good. The girl did something that grossed me out!



At the end of this book, I was so frustrated!!!!



Ok so this book wasn’t very scary, but the concept was! Suicide is something that isn’t taken lightly and I was just really scared for the girl in the book like I felt what she might have felt. Suicide scares me. What scares me about it is that someone that I love does it and I will just be left to wonder what I did wrong.

And I tag everyone who hasn’t done it yet!!! Can’t wait to see others answers!

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