I rearranged my bookshelf!

Hello my dear readers!! Today, I wanted to write this post to let you know that I rearranged my bookshelf! It took me like a whole hour to decide which book goes where. *sigh* Rearranging bookshelves are so hard, but super fun!!

It’s not that there was something with the way my books were placed at first, but I just wanted some change and that is why I rearranged everything. Hope you like it!

(Sorry the before photo isn’t the best picture quality, but I didn’t have anything else)




Books were placed everywhere and it was just messy! Now here is my new one!!

Here is how I arranged it:




I personally think that this is way better. Everything is organized and in the right place which is a very important thing for me because I just love to look at my books at any time of the day. Like seriously, I don’t mind watching my books and re-reading some pages for hours. It’s a gift and a curse because sometimes I can’t concentrate on what I’m doing and I can’t stop thinking about books!! Am I the only one?

Here is another picture of my now-organized bookshelf:


I just love it so much ❤ ❤


What do you think of my now-arranged bookshelf? Leave your opinion in the comments below! Thanks for reading, it really means a lot to me! Have a nice day or night.

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