Review: “Walking disaster” by Jamie McGuire

Title: Walking disaster

Author: Jamie McGuire

Publication date: April 2, 2013

Publisher: Atria Books

Rating: 3.5 stars

Hello dear book lovers! Today, I am going to write a review on Walking Disaster which is written by Jamie McGuire. The book is the same story as Beautiful Disaster, but this time the story is from Travis’ perspective, the guy’s perspective!!! This review will have a spoiler section at the end so if you didn’t read the book, feel free to read it.

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The synopsis that I am going to tell you guys isn’t going to be long. Basically, it is Travis, the main character, who is dealing with love for the first time. When he was little, Travis’ mother died and he learned two things; to love hard and fight harder.

He never understood what love is, he always thought that people were making up in their head that they are in love…until he meets Abby. She is the only girl who is not scared of insulting or arguing with him. Slowly, he starts falling hard for her and has to prove her that they can work it out…

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**3.5 stars**

First of all, I personally think that the cover is really pretty. It isn’t the most beautiful one that I ever saw, but it definitely has some potential. It really attracted my attention and when I read the synopsis, I found out that it is the same as Beautiful Disaster but from Travis’ perspective. Once I knew that, I just had to pick up the book and read it.

I really liked Beautiful disaster, but thought it was a little bit too cheesy from Abby’s perspective so I wanted to check Travis’ version of the story.

The story:

I thought that it wasn’t as exciting as Beautiful Disaster (of course not, I already knew what would happen), but it was definitely entertaining. It really was interesting to see from Travis’ perspective because in the other book, more than once I was left wondering what Travis might really think about Abby or when he knew he was in love with her (which he tells us in this novel 😉 ). So it was really formidable to see the perspective of the two people who fall in love ❤ It has a special place in my heart now that I know the story from both sides. At the middle, it was starting to get long, but it definitely caught up with the end. When I first read it, I was so exciting because I totally didn’t expect this ending. I knew the characters were hiding something but I never suspected what happened! I will never forget this story; I read Beautiful Disaster at least three times and Walking Disaster once so I am not exaggerating when I say that I know the story by heart now.

The characters:

Travis: Travis isn’t the dating kind of guy (before he met Abby, of course) and everyone knows it, but somehow girls always try to get to him. It never works. Travis is used to girls falling all over him and he is arrogant, strong (very strong 😉 ), protective and mysterious. So when Abby doesn’t fall over him, he wants to spend more time with her to try to find out who she is. Usually, Travis is uncaring and doesn’t care about anything that doesn’t affect him. But when he meets Abby, he is the kind of guy that girls would love forever ❤ Though I love him, there were some parts in the book that I thought he was way too protecting or exaggerating. He isn’t normally the kind of guy I would love in real life, but somehow McGuire made it work.

Abby/Pigeon/Pidge: So Abby is really….a bitch in this book. When I read Beautiful Disaster, I thought that Abby was caring, emotional and even a little bit cheesy, but when Travis’ perspective, she really was a pain in the ass sometimes. If I didn’t read the other book, I would probably hate her because she really was different. She said the same things she did in the other book, but somehow in this one, it sounded nasty and awful.

Shepley: He is the only character that I fell in love with because of this book!! In Beautiful Disaster, I didn’t really like him because he rarely talked to Abby directly. But now, I’m totally in love. The way he gave advice to Travis and was always here for his friend….he makes my heart melt ❤ ❤

Final thoughts:

Honestly, I was pretty disappointed by Walking Disaster because it didn’t have that magic it had in Beautiful Disaster. I don’t regret reading it because I feel like I’m more connected to this story because of the two perspective thing but I can’t help but notice that some magic is gone. I think that the first book was way better because everything was unknown and I was really excited to discover the characters’ secrets. But in Walking Disaster, I already knew what would happen so I guess that it wasn’t as exciting. But that wasn’t all, in Walking Disaster the author didn’t have the same kind of writing she had before. It was more literal than emotional, I guess.



My favorite part of the book is actually the epilogue!!!! I did not read it before (was it in Beautiful Disaster?) and totally loved it! The way Travis explained how they ended up together and stayed that way for eleven years. It makes us realize that no matter how hard and complicated a relation is, we can’t give up because we might give up our happy ending. I especially liked the part where Travis works for the F.B.I!!! A super hot, mysterious and sexy Travis working as a secret agent…*sigh of delight*…what could we ask for more!

I also cried at first when little Travis was saying goodbye to his dying mother. I cried like hell! That moment was just to beautiful and my only wish was to get to hold him and tell him that everything is going to be alright.


So this is my review on Walking Disaster (and my thoughts on Beautiful Disaster too). I hope you enjoyed it!! Have a nice day.

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