YA fantasy or YA contemporary? | Discussion

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Hello book lovers! Today, I wanted to do a book discussion, so I’m doing it since I have some free time. The topic is “Do you prefer YA contemporary or YA adult?”

I got the idea of doing this post when I was looking through my ratings on Goodreads, I realized that there was a difference between my ratings of contemporaries and fantasies. So I kept wondering if I liked this genre more or less….

In my opinion, a book is not good because of its genre. If a book that is in a genre that I don’t read is beautifully written, I’ll give it the rating it deserves. So why do we have a preference on a certain genre?

Personally, right now I like YA fantasy more than contemporary because I am only reading fantasy for the moment. But there was a time (few months ago) I only read contemporary books and found no interest in fantasy books. So it really depends on my mood.

I liked contemporaries because it was realistic and at that moment of my life, I wanted everything planned and realistic. So that might be the reason why I only read contemporaries.

Right now, I like fantasy books! I like how you can just get into a world so different from yours where anything is possible (magic, kingdoms…). And it excites me so much more than contemporaries. Here is a secret:

I only like it when the story was light. I realized that I don’t necessarily like relationships that much in contemporary books. I feel like it’s too complicated. There are only a few contemporary books that got me going without feeling bored so yeah I have a problem when it comes to relation in contemporary books. I like it at the beginning because it’s exciting to see how they fall for each other, but then it starts getting boring…..which doesn’t happen in fantasy books because there isn’t only love in the book, there is only other aspects that will make the love exciting and not heavy.

So yeah, I like fantasy books better because of the new worlds that are created; they are so different from the real world. I like to escape the reality in my fantasy books.

That’s all I’m going to write….

Tell me what you think. Until next time 🙂cropped-currently-reading-3.jpg



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