Read this, Watch that! Book tag


Hey everybody who is reading this! So today, I’m going to be doing a book tag! The book tag is ‘read this, watch that’ and I was tagged by Trang and Lashaan. Thank you for tagging me ๐Ÿ™‚ Here is their tag: Read This? Watch that! Book Tag. You should them out!!


  • Come up with 5 combinations of books and movies/TV shows with similarities
  • Nominate 5 people
  • Let all 5 people know that you nominated them

Let’s get started:

If you read this:


Watch this:

I only read Cinder in the lunar chronicles, but I know that each book in the series represent a fairy tale which is very similar to “once upon a time”.


If you read this:

Watch this:

Both talk about zombies!!!! I am not a great fan of zombies but this book and movie pulled it off!!! Especially the movie (there’s Brat Pitt in it :D)

If you read this:

Watch this:

I am not a great fan of “Matched”, but it really is similar to the giver because the worlds are practically the same. They are controlled and throughout the story, they put theย way they are livingย in question. Also, I loved the book “The giver”, but I thought the movie wasn’t quite what I expected.

If you read this:

Watch that:

I think those two have similar main character. The two girls are both very brave and strong. They would do anything for their kingdom and they are both badass.

I tag:

  1. Nikitaย at
  2. chelsiesbookaddiction
  3. ollting
  4. flowlessbooks

  5. Cup of Books

So that’s my tag, I hope you guys liked it ๐Ÿ˜€ Until next time.




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