Gilmore girl| Why do I love it so much?

Hey I just wanted to make a quick post about how much I love a certain show and if you haven’t guess because of the title, it’s the Gilmore girls TV show.

So I just started watching the series and I’m still on season 1, but I really love it for a certain reason.

Reasons why I love the show and that you should watch it:

  • The mother and daughter relationship is incredibly refreshing and motivating

    To be honest, it’s one of the best mother-daughter relationship I have ever seen in my life. They are so open about anything and practically never get into fights because they talk to each other about their problems and I find it so refreshing how it’s not like the typical mother-daughter relationship in movies where they always get into fights and can barely stand each other.

  • Rory’s influence on you is really a good one

    She’s such a good cild and just wants to make you be more like her. Especially when you see how many people love and admire her.She’s so smart and funny! Always got a smart comeback. Just really inspiring.

  • It is certain that they will make you laugh at least twice in every episode

    Another thing I love about this show is the funny comebacks or the jokes they make. Always bring something special to a show when the people staring in it can make you laugh everytime.

  • The romance ❀ If you know what I’m talking about

    Always love a little romance here and there *winks*

  • It’s really realistic

    Not like many others TV shows, Gilmore Girls is really realistic which is one of the best reasons why I love it so much. You can easily relate to the things happening to the people in the show and it makes you love the show even more.

  • Gives really good advice about life events that could really happen to normal kids: Falling in love, getting in fights, break-ups, school…

    I love how when Lorelai gives Rory some advice (or the other way around), you can also use it. Since it is so relatable, you can also use the advice given and you can also learn from their mistakes.

  • Rory’s concern about education is inspiring

    Like I said, Rory is inspiring and her concern for her education is so inspiring that it makes you concern about your education.

  • Their independence is incredible

  • It values the importance of coffee

  • It’s so fun to watch

Any other reasons why you love the show? Comment in the section below!

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