The convenience of re-reading|

The convenience of re-reading

If you’re a reader, at least once in your life you have re-read a book, right? Well this post about the benefits about re-reading books! I love to re-read books personally. I usually re-read books when a sequel is coming out soon and I re-read the last book so I know what’s happening in the next one, but I also re-read books if they are easy and fast-paced or if they are my faves.

Let’s get started about the benefits of re-reading:

-You don’t miss out on small details that make you enjoy the book even more

-You don’t have to stress yourself into reading it

-It’s easier to analyse or interpret information

-Having a deeper emotional response than the first time

-Feel closer to the characters

-Just having fun all over againΒ 

My favorite books to re-read:

1.The summer I turned pretty series by Jenny Han

2. By Jenny Han again, To all the boys I’ve loved before. I’m seriously addicted to Jenny Han’s books!!!

3. A COURT OF MIST AND FURY BY AMAZING SARAH J. MAAS (I’ve been re-reading parts of this book every week for the last three months….I think I have a problem with this book) Oh and I have a tumblr where it’s literally a blog about Sarah J. Maas’ books so you can check it out:Β High Lady of Dreams

I’m seriously ACOMAF trash.

4. The selection series by Kiera Cass. It’s kind of my guilty pleasure πŸ™‚

5. Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell

What are some of your favorite re-reads?

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8 thoughts on “The convenience of re-reading|

  1. I love to re-read and there are so many books I do it with! I always read A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens in December. As well as noticing different little things when I re-read and picking up on subtleties I missed, I find it hugely comforting. I tend to re-read when I’m unwell or feeling a bit low.

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  2. Great post, my faves include the Harry Potter series, the twilight series, the Eden series by Jessica Sorenson, the study series by Maria V Snyder and many more. I sometimes reread a book because it just takes my fancy again, i read so many I often forget what happens in a book other than the main parts.

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  3. SAME! I can’t stop rereading ACOMAF either!!! That book…there aren’t words.
    I love rereading books! A lot of bloggers don’t, it seems like, so I’m always glad to see that I’m not alone in enjoying experiencing my favorite stories over and over!

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