Some recommendations for all tastes!

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I was looking through my blog today and realized that I never did a recommendation post, ever! So it got me thinking about some books that I could recommend to you guys that are exciting and that are going to spice up your life! Or some warm and fuzzy book!

Exciting book series:

Sarah J. Maas’ books:

Ok so if you have been reading my previous posts, you know for certain that she is one of the people I admire the most because of her work. So it would be only right to have my two favorite series in this recommendation list.


Family-ish: (have a good family concept)

Adventurous contemporary: (about nerds)

Warm and fuzzy:

Warm and fuzzy but also has a sad concept:

Fun and very entertaining: (fantasy)

Here are some recommendations for you! Hope you liked them 🙂

Have you read any of these? What did you think about them?

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14 thoughts on “Some recommendations for all tastes!

    • Yesss!! It’s so good (even though I just read the first book, but I’m continuing the series). Did you watch the movie? Because I did before reading the book and I thought that it was leaving so much out! The book was way better!


  1. Great recommendations! I definitely agree with Sarah J. Maas’s books as action packed, there’s always so much going on in them.
    I already have Frostfire and the rest of that series on my to-read list, the covers are gorgeous! And the same with Morgan Matson as well, I read Since You’ve Been Gone and really enjoyed it so I need to start more of her books, and soon! 🙂

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    • Thank you so much ❤️ I just couldn’t do a recommendation post without Sarah J. Maas!!! And when I first read frostfire, I was very impressed so I definitely recommend it! Don’t worry, I only read Second Chance summer by Morgan Matson but I also plan to read more!!

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  2. ooh, I love book recommendations. And Sarah J maas is a natural choice for any fans of Fantasy. I’m Curious to read the improbable theory of Ana and Zak. I’m deff looking to up my contemporary reads this year – especially if they aren’t your average contemporary sort of reads. great post!

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