Things that make (almost) everyone happy


Generally, if you ask my friends, my family or anyone who knows me, they’ll confirm you that I’m a pretty happy person. I love to laugh and makes others laugh so today, I wanted to write a post about the things that make (almost) everyone happy!!! Almost because not everyone likes those things but I think that most people do. Then I’m going to write what makes ME happy.

“Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want.” -Alan Cohen

Here are 50 random little things that usually make everyone happy:

  1. Listening to music
  2. Dancing and singing
  3. A long hot bath after a long day
  4. Reading
  5. Shopping
  6. Moving on
  7. Puppies
  8. Hot cookies 
  9. Movies
  10. Hanging out with friends
  11. Chocolate
  12. When you find the perfect outfit match
  13. Family outing
  14. The feeling of accomplishment
  15. Sports
  16. Knowing all the lyrics of a song 
  17. When you just curl in your bed on a rainy day
  18. Eating
  19. Making new friends
  20. Looking at the stars at night and wondering what life is
  21. A hobby
  22. Something you’re obsessed with
  23. When someone texts you first
  24. Laughing until the tears come
  25. Have a feeling you belong
  26. Looking at random lists on the internet 😉
  27. Random but interesting facts
  28. Finding that one friend who has the same interest as you
  29. Watching the sunset
  30. Giving gifts
  31. That awesome feeling after you helped someone
  32. Songs that remind us of something wonderful
  33. Making a joke that made everyone laugh
  34. Walking in a pile of leaves 
  35. Having dreams
  36. Being in love
  37. Traveling
  38. Playing video games
  39. Collecting something
  40. Praying
  41. Receiving a package in the mail
  42. Learning
  43. Drinking hot chocolate during winter days
  44. Talking with your best friend
  45. Giving advice
  46. Happy people
  47. When your room is clean
  48. Birthdays!!
  49. When you’re talking about some happy old memories
  50. Being the best of myself

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